New technologies in ISI’s chemical plant

At ISI Oilfield Chemicals we continue to strengthen our commitment to innovation by buying a pilot reactor and a flow meter system.
Incorporamos nuevas tecnologías a nuestra planta química

ISI Oilfield Chemicals’ mission is to supply with chemical products to the oil and gas industry as well as to meet the highest quality standards and to exceed its customers’ expectations.

Moreover, the company is committed to carrying out its operations in friendly way to the environment and people’s health and safety.

As part of our company’s constant search for innovation, we have recently acquired a 100-liter pilot reactor which was designed to offer maximum flexibility in the development of chemical processes. This reactor, which is equipped with a variable speed agitator, guarantees a homogeneous mixture. It also has an automatic heating system that makes it possible to carry out chemical reactions at temperatures of up to 200ºC.

Likewise, it has additional features such as an advanced refrigeration system, condensation system and controlled product dosing; therefore, this equipment ensures precision and efficiency. This new reactor plays a crucial role in scaling up new developments and it is an intermediate step between our laboratory and our large reactors.

In order to continue modernizing our chemical plant, we have also acquired a flow meter system aimed at optimizing the reactor loading and unloading process. Such cutting-edge machine provides better control by automating the process, as well as it minimizes the possibility of deviations.

These strategic investments demonstrate ISI Oilfield Chemicals’ strong commitment to reaching operational excellence. We continue to be driven by innovation to provide top- notch chemical solutions and keep pace with current changing market demands.