Business trip to Ecuador to strengthen strategic bonds

Federico Arquero, in charge of ISI’s foreign sales, travelled to Ecuadorto visit clients in that country.
Viajamos a Ecuador para consolidar vínculos estratégicos

Last week Federico Arquero, in charge of ISI’s foreign sales, travelled to Ecuador to visit clients in that country. Thus, we resumed in person meetings after pandemic lockdown.

The visit was performed in a complex social environment due to an Indigenous national strike against the economic policies and measures taken by Ecuador’s government.

The civil demonstrations paralyzed such country’s business activities for 18 days, so the oil industry was affected, and more than one thousand crude oil drilling wells shut down.

After the strike period and having parties involved reached agreement, the country’s environment was quiet and 80% of the wells affected became productive again by resuming drilling activities.

We thank our clients and colleagues for their predisposition to meet us and for welcoming our representative so warmly despite the country’s circumstances. We support Ecuador’s people and encourage making room for dialogue to solve any problems they face.

In our view, keeping strong links with the clients that trust us is essential to set short- and long-term strategic alliances that allow us to strengthen business bonds.

The aim is to go on spreading all over the region, to have stronger presence in Latin American countries and to do whatever is necessary to streamline logistics.