2022: Moving and expanding, a positive year review

We have spent a year full of great satisfaction and we are getting ready for 2023 challenges.
2022: un año de movimiento y expansión con balance positivo

We have spent a year full of great satisfaction and we are getting ready for 2023 challenges.

We are about to reach the end of 2022 which was a great year for ISI family. It was a year full of movement after the impasse caused by the pandemic. As a result, we could resume business trips abroad to visit regional clients in Colombia, Ecuador and Bolivia.

During 2022, we had the opportunity to participate in key events for the oil and gas industry such as “SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition”, in Houston; “Expo Argentina Oil & Gas Patagonia” and the first year of “Argentina-Texas Summit Energy”, in which we were also a silver sponsor.

Undoubtedly, it was a year of expansion and hard work, which resulted in great progress at our Pitec (Florencio Varela) and Vista Alegre (Neuquén) plants.

Another milestone of great importance was the strategic decision to advance with the company positioning in San Jorge Gulf. The first step of such project was the construction of what will be the base of ISI Oilfield Chemicals in Comodoro Rivadavia.

Likewise, we added commercial representations, such as the alliance with Hallux Tallon, which allowed us to expand our product portfolio and continue to offer innovative and state-of-the art services.

It was also a year of changes and internal growth. In fact, we recruited new professionals to join our work team. Moreover, there have been courses to reach our objective of continuous training and improvement.

Other signs of growth were, for example, the acquisition of new laboratory equipment such as the hydraulic press or new HPHT viscometers to add said machines to those already available. In short, 2022 review was very positive.

It only remains to thank those who accompanied us in each of these stages and redouble our commitment to continue working side by side with our clients. We are going to keep on innovating by working on the design and development of new and better products, as well as to do our best to improve our services and lead the market in the year of our 30th anniversary: an event that we will be celebrating throughout 2023.