Visiting clients in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

We were present in Santa Cruz de la Sierra, an oil area par excellence, to consolidate commercial ties with our clients.
Visitamos clientes en Santa Cruz de la Sierra, Bolivia

The objective of this trip was to resume face-to-face visits to our clients, after the pandemic period, to consolidate commercial bonds and meet their needs by providing alternatives that allow us to keep on supporting our client’s growth even in a complex context for imports and the logistics area.

Likewise, it was an opportunity to get closer to potential clients and build up relationships with the main service companies based in Bolivia.

We strongly believe that such business approaches are the fundamental tool that our company has to strengthen its presence in the Latin American market, since we can collect valuable information about different players’ reality as well as we learn about the points to be improved and the possibilities that lie ahead.

Thanks to our Bolivian clients for their warm welcome and cheerful disposition.