Present in BASF course

BASF company delivered a technical talk on its production products.
Participamos de un workshop a cargo de BASF

BASF staff, leaders in the chemical industry, visited our headquarters in Florencia Varela and delivered a workshop about its company range of products for production.

Such workshop included topics related to different chemical products that are used in the production stage. The talk was focused on demulsifier bases and it was delivered by Antonio Mejia (the Technical Service Manager, US) and Isabella Bianchessi (the Regional Account Manager – Oilfield Chemical, Brazil).

It was a very interesting event where staff from different ISI’s areas attended to broaden their knowledge about the solutions offered to the oil and gas industry by BASF. The aim was to learn about the chemical bases used to design and manufacture customized products.

Our purpose is to strengthen both companies’ bonds and encourage technological knowledge sharing to have more modern products based on BASF technology and all its expertise and background.

We are thankful for BASF’s willingness to train us. It was an enlightening workshop.

About BASF

BASF develops innovative processes, technologies, and products for a sustainable future so as to offer solutions to meet its clients’ needs worldwide in almost all the industry sectors.

Its portfolio is organized in 6 areas: chemicals, materials, surface technology, nourishment and care and agricultural and industrial solutions.

Regarding agricultural and industrial solutions, BASF develops and commercializes a wide range of chemical products used in the drilling process of oil, gas, metals and minerals as well as chemical products for enhanced oil recovery.