Joining and leading UNAJ’s students

ISI has been collaborating with fifth-year students from Universidad de Nacional Arturo Jauretche on their final university task on Entreprise Risk Management.

Fifth-year students of Industrial Engineering university course of studies from Universidad Nacional Arturo Jauretche  -UNAJ- (an Argentine University) selected Isi Oilfield Chemicals to perform his final university task on Enterprise Risk Management led by Professor Rita Carrizo.

Such future engineers visit us regularly to carry out tests and work on a special survey, the assessment and the diagnosis of our company to determine overriding business risks and how the company is getting ready to face them by identifying such risks beforehand and evaluating their impact.

We also help students know the measures taken in strategic planning by identifying all risks as a real growth opportunity if one is really able to understand how to capitalize on said risks.

We would like to thank UNAJ’s students for having chosen us to join and lead them in the final stage of their university course of studies. We also congratulate them on working and being involved in the project in such a serious and committed way.