ISI unveils Innovative Auxiliary Product Line for Oil & Gas Industry

ISI Oilfield Chemicals has recently launched a groundbreaking line of auxiliary products which includes from antifreeze solutions to powerful degreasers and descalers., Read on to learn more about said products.

ISI Oilfield Chemicals has launched its latest auxiliary product line for the oil and gas industry to offer innovative solutions to its customers. This is undoubtedly, the result of the lab and R+D staff’s rigorous research and development.

Thanks to our level of expertise in chemical product development and extensive market knowledge, we have identified our customers’ needs and manufactured this product line, which primarily consists of three main categories: Antifreeze, Degreasers, and Descalers.


Our antifreeze products are designed to protect heavy and light-duty transport vehicles from any bad weather conditions. The Heavy-Duty line is ideal for On road and Offroad vehicles, while the Light Duty antifreeze is recommended for urban vehicles, vans, cargo transportation, and passenger vehicles.


When it comes to cleaning equipment and facilities, we understand that each material and substrate presents unique challenges. That’s why our degreasers are specially formulated to adapt to the chemical nature of the material you want to remove, as well as the available application method.


We have developed a descaler that offers excellent performance, comparable to Hydrochloric Acid, but without the drawbacks of corrosive and suffocating vapors.

Our product also guarantees protection against metal corrosion in pipelines and equipment, and it provides enhanced safety during handling.

The auxiliary product line from ISI Oilfield Chemicals complements our other specialized product lines. Besides, it is an essential tool for the maintenance and daily cleaning of facilities and equipment.