Building an operating base in Comodoro Rivadavia

ISI’s new operating base is strategically located in San Jorge Gulf which is an oil area par excellence.
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In 2022, ISI Oilfield Chemicals began the construction of an operating base in Comodoro Rivadavia to continue positioning itself in San Jorge Gulf, which is an oil zone par excellence-

The new operating base is being developed on a 100 x 100 m2 property. Such base will be used to store products to provide a quick response in terms of local customers’ supply.

We will also have a laboratory equipped to meet the needs of the industry and to render such excellent technical support that sets us apart.

Moreover, the construction of commercial offices and meeting rooms is planned.

The base will be strategically located in the Industrial District of the city, on Tirso Lopez street, which is 600 meters from National Route 3 and 500 meters from what will be known as “Camino Petrolero” (a route that runs along several oil companies’ premises).

Tirso Lopez is one of the central streets of the area where several oil companies and some of our main clients are located.

Said location is of great importance to guarantee accessibility both to heavy trucks that load or download, bring or take products/materials from and to our base, as well as to our clients.

This decision is key to continue with our objective of expansion and strategic consolidation in the chemical products industry and engineering services for the oil sector.