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Drilling oil-wells requires reliable and high-performance / high yield products. Isi Oilfield Chemicals has a wide variety of chemicals manufactured in our lab by using lots of local raw material. Drilling mud quality is essential to reach good oil-well cementation levels and we strongly assure to have what is necessary to garantee such high quality.

ItemNameDescriptionUses and recommendations


1.1.IMUD-320 LLiquid dispersant for water-based drilling mudsIt is a high performance polymeric additive. It is effective in polymeric-based muds when use concentration ranges from 1.2 to 2.4 lb/bbl. When the product is used in bentonite-based muds,the recommended concentration is 2.4 to 6.0 lb/bbl.
1.2.IMUD-DL 40DispersantIt is a liquid additive to disperse water-based muds. It controls fluid rheology and it provides stability even at high temperatures. Taking into account the kind of mud, IMUD-DL 40's use concentration varies from 1 to 4 lb/bbl of the drilling fluid.


2.1.IMUD-BAC 25BactericideIt is a liquid product that eliminates the existing bacterias in the water used for stimulation, drilling and production operations. Regular dosage ranges from 0.2 to 0.5 lb/bbl.
2.2.IMUD-BAC 37BactericideThis product is especially designed to control sulfate reducer bacteria and total aerobic bacteria in injection wells, tanks, pipelines and batteries. The typical suggested concentration for continuous dosage ranges from 10 to 100 ppm. Batch dosage ranges from 200 to 500 ppm.
2.3.IMUD-BAC 50BactericideIt is a liquid product whose formula is based on organic complexes that act on the metabolism of the bacteria.
This product eliminates bacterial colonies present in water used in stimulation, drilling and production operations.
2.4.IMUD-BAC THPSBactericida base thpsIt is an excellent biocide recommended for water treatment. This product belongs to a new type of microbicide that combines high efficiency with low toxicity.


3.1.IMUD-PAC LV/HVFluid-loss additive for mudsIt is a polyanionic cellulose polymer which is used in water- based drilling fluids.
Such product can be added to saline or fresh water muds as a result, mud stability is improved and friction and invasions are reduced. Moreover, it is an agent that provides rheological control and it has good thermal stability. Use concentration varies from 1 to 6 kg/m3 depending on the type of mud inovolved.
3.2.IMUD-Poly 117Liquid fluid-loss & dispersant additive for water-based drilling mudsIt is a synthetic polymer based product which clearly outperforms traditional additives.
The product works well at temperatures up 150°C to (400°F) and it has exceptional salt tolerance.
IMUD-Poly 117 is effective when it is used in polymer-based muds when concentration is 1.2 to 6.0 lb/bbl Same depends on mud formula and solids content.
3.3.IMUD-Poly 117SFluid-loss & dispersant additive for water-based drilling mudsIt is an organic polymer, specifically developed to control fluid loss and to fluidify water- based drilling muds.
This is a synthetic polymer based product and as a result, it outperforms traditional additives.
The product works well at temperatures up 150°C and it has exceptional tolerance to salt found in water. This product is effective when it is used in polymer-based muds when concentration is 1.2 to 6.0 lb/bbl.


4.1.IMUD-GUARHigh viscosity water-based gelling agentsIt is a gelling agent used to obtain high viscosity values in water with or without salt content.
This product is used to prepare conventional water-based gels, cushions and foamy gels.
4.2.IMUD-HEC LV/HVLow/high viscosity cellulosic gelling agentIt is a natural hydroxyethyl cellulose- based polymer used as a gelling agent in stimulation and oil well drilling operations. Use concenration must be adjusted according to the viscosity level needed. Hydratation time of the product ranges from 5 to 15 minutes depending on concentration and water temperature.
4.3.IMUD-VIXANGelling additiveIt is an effective gelling additive used as a means of transport, acid systems, drilling muds and it is a component to prepare viscous water based mechanical cushions
Its formula is based on organic biodegradable polymers.


5.1.IMUD-AF 20Silicone anti foaming agentsIt is a water dilutable silicone antifoaming agent which has stabilizers that enhance mixing and good diffusion in the system. Suggested use concentration is approximately 0.2% to 0.8%.
5.2.IMUD-AF 6500LLiquid defoamerIt is an effective liquid defoamer developed by ISI Oilfield Chemicals used to minimize foaming and air entrapment in water-base muds. The solvent pack used is environmentally friendly.


6.1.IMUD-CLAY STOP KClay stabilizerIt is a liquid additive designed to provide inhibition and stabilization of highly reactive clays.
It helps to seal pores and micro-fractures in the formation; thus, bit-balling and acreation tendencies and corrosion in the pipeline are reduced. Use concentration varies from 1% to 6% by drilling fluid volume.


7.1.IMUD-PHPA SShale encapsulator & gelling agentIt is anionic high molecular weight PHPA polymer designed primarily for shale encapsulation.
It is stable at a temperature up to approximately 177°C (350°F ). It is also used as a gelling agent in water-based mud system. It can be added to saline or fresh water muds so mud stability is improved and friction and invasions are reduced. Besides, it is a rheological control agent and it has good thermal stability. Use concentration varies from 0.25 to 2 lb/bbl depending on the type of mud.
7.2.IMUD-PHPA LShale encapsulator & gelling agentIt is IMUD-PHPA S liquid version
7.3.IMUD-SS 30Shale stabilizerIt is a low weight polymer that stabilizes reactive clays and shale. That action inhibits water uptake and thereby mitigates swelling or dispersion tendencies of said clays and shale by minimizing full contact with water.
IMUD-SS30 shale stabilizer is stable at temperatures up to 250°F
(121°C). 3% v/v is suggested depending on how the shale and clay present react.


8.1.IMUD-SCAmine corrosion inibitor It is a liquid corrosion inhibitor for water systems, brines and water-based drilling muds.
It is ideal to treat high carbonate contamination in water-based fluids. It reduces hydrogen concentrarion and it can be used at temperatures up to 175°C. Use concentration varies from 0.1 to 0.5 lb/bbl depending on the type of mud.


9.1.IMUD-SOOxygen scanvengerIt is a liquid oxygen scavenger additive for water systems, brines and water- based drilling muds.
It reduces oxygen concentration and contributes to get effective corrosion control in the well. Use concentration varies from 0.1 to 0.5 lb/bbl depending on the type of mud.


10.1.IMUD-TE 14Detergent used for drillingIt is a concentrated anionic detergent, designed to aid in preventing bit and bottomhole assemble balling in water-based muds. It reduces the sticking tendency of heaving shales.
It enhaces higher rates of penetration (ROP). It removes drill cutting more effectively. IMUD-TE 14 reduces the surface tension of water-based muds.
It can be used in onshore as well as offshore operations. The typical use concentration suggested is from 0.2 to 0.5 lb/bbl.
10.2.IMUD-TE 6Multipurpose surfactantIt is an efficient water-based non-ionic surfactant that reduces drastically superficial and interfacial tension and can be used in a wide variety of treatments. IMUD-TE 6 disperses clays, solids and hydrocarbon deposits.
If it is used to reduce surface and interfacial tension and to act as a demulsifier, 0.2% to 1.2% concentration is suggested.
10.3.IMUD-TE 8Non-ionic surfactantIt is a hydrocarbon based, non-ionic wetting, demulsifier surfactant, which acts on oil-water interface to prevent emulsions. IMUD-TE 8 generates a stable micro emulsion in water.
It is designed for general use in the removal of hydrocarbons and oil base products. Besides, it is used to clean metal surfaces. It is compatible with all cementation and stimulation additives from ISI SRL. Use concentration varies according to the purpose of the product. If it is ued as a surface and/or interfacial tension reducer, 0.2% to 0.8% concentration is suggested. If it is used as a heavy hydrocarbon remover, 0.5% is suggested.
10.4.IMUD-THMoisturizing surfactantIt is a non-ionic, water- based surfactant that rapildly changes the surface tension of the particles dispersed in water-base drilling fluids. Thus, it is easier to control rheological and filter loss properties
IMUD-TH can be also used to emulsify oil in water.
10.5.IMUD-DT LCSWetting agent for OBMAdditive indicated as wetting agent for solids and weighting agents in oil-based mud.


11.1.IMUD-THINDeflocculant for water-based mudsIt is a chrome free deflocculant for water based mud systems.
It has excellent performance at temperatures up to 300°F (149°C). It has fluid-loss control properties and it is compatible with any water-based product from ISI SRL.
11.2.IMUD-TNXTannin-based deflocculantIt is a tannin chrome free deflocculant for water-based mud systems.
It has high resistance to bivalents ions and it is stable at temperatures up to 300°F. It is compatible with all water-based products from ISI S.R.L. The typical use concentration varies from 2.10 to 5.25 lb/bbl.
11.3.IMUD-FLOC 18FlocculantIMUD-FLOC 18 is a polymer especially developed for breaking water-oil or mud-water emulsions.
IMUD-FLOC 18's use concentration varies from 250 to 500 ppm depending on the type of mud.


12.1.IMUD-LUBE 3LubricantIt is a liquid additive derived from vegetable oil esters. This product has been developed to confer surfactant and lubricant properties to water-based fluids used in oil drilling. According to the type of mud, IMUD-LUBE 3's use concentration varies form 1% to 2% by volume.


13.1.IOXI-CleanOxidant breakerIOXI- Clean is a solid breaker oxidant breaker that helps remove polymer build-up in drilling wells where partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide (PHPA) muds are used. Typical use solutions vary from 2% to 10%
13.2.IMUD-SB10Rheological additiveIt is a rheological additive for solvent-borne system of low or medium polarity. It provides viscosity, suspension properties, thixotropy and stability to synthetic muds, specially polyalphaolefin (PAO).
13.3.IMUD-EDFSynthetic drilling fluidIt is a high performance synthetic mineral oil that is used as base for non- aqueous drilling fluids. It is also used as an alternative product instead of using diesel in OBM; however, it has low impact on the environment.
13.4.IMUD-BBMRheological additiveRheological additive designed to be used in high-salt drilling muds.