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Quality System

All our activities are focused on satisfying our clients. We are fostered by our commitment to constantly improve processes. Thus, we work according to the Quality Management Systems ruled by ISO 9001:2008 Standards.

Environment care and preservation as well as our staff’s health are the guidelines to shape and consider the QHSE Policy as the supporting pillar of our business philosophy.

Policy on Quality, Health, Safety and Environment

ISI Oilfield Chemicals designs, develops and trades goods and services for the oil and gas industry. It guarantees its customers’ satisfaction by offering its Engineering Department support and by updating and upgrading its processes pursuant to an ongoing improvement program. Senior management leads and encourages strategic action plans aimed at the customers and to assess and evaluate business risks.

ISI states the following principles so as to reach the objective above:

  • Assess and evaluate customers’ satisfaction so as to carry out different action plans to increase their satisfaction level.
  • Keep our high level performance on providing goods and services to ISI clients by continuously improving all processes.
  • Carry out every process pursuant to a strict evaluation and control of health risks and according to staff’s safety maximization standards.
  • Plan our operations and raise our staff’s consciousness about the rational and responsible use of natural resources and environment preservation.
  • Guide and enhance efficient ways of communication with our customers by encouraging visits so as to identify potential areas and projects to work on jointly and unsatisfied needs as well as to foresee possible situations that put our customer- external supplier relation at risk.
  • Train our staff in quality, safety and environment issues so as to reach high awareness and commitment levels.
  • Meet any current laws and regulations in full force and effect.
  • Make our Policy be known by all our staff, contractors, clients and customers and other third parties involved and be sure that said policy is understood and implemented in all company structure levels.
  • Update such Policy and assure that the company has all the necessary resources and tools to comply with it.

Senior Management.
Florencio Varela, November 2nd, 2016.
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