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Thanks Juanjo For All These Years Together!

Thanks Juanjo for all these years together!

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In this opportunity we would like to pay a small tribute to someone who, was one of ISI Oilfield Chemicals’ fundamental pillars due to his great capacity, commitment and above all, a lifetime’s work.

If we must choose a person to lead this event, who could be better than the one who was his mate in this adventure and partner: Sergio Rubiño, co-founder of ISI Oilfield Chemicals, to pay tribute to Juan José Mitidiero. He will stop running the company; however, his footprint will remain forever marked.

“I remember that Monday, January 3rd, 1977, when I went to Halliburton laboratory to fill my brand-new position as a Laboratory Technician. On that day I met the person who would be from then on, my inseparable friend, brother, companion of adventures and life: “Juanjo.”

After 10 years of working together, we left the workplace we shared and we continued working in different companies: Juanjo in San Antonio and then in True Chemistry, and I in Halliburton.

We never lost contact; on the contrary, we always kept in touch. During a trip we made to Mendoza, back in September 1993, lots of ideas came up and many projects arose. The most solid was one of manufacturing chemical products for the Oil & Gas industry on our own. So did we!

It did not take that long that we were already manufacturing our first three products: ID-50, IRF-130 and IF-316. We worked shoulder to shoulder. We visited clients; looked forward to receiving a PO; went to buy the necessary raw material -always a little more so that there was remaining stock- and finally we manufactured and delivered the products.

We traveled around Argentina to visit those we considered the most important actors in the sales chain: “the users of our products” and thus, we were manufacturing, selling, and growing.

We made our first foray into the US to look for raw material suppliers. First Juanjo traveled since we could not afford two tickets. Then in mid-1995 we both visited a company that later we would represent for many years: Santrol Inc. There were several other companies, but Santrol marked a milestone in the history of our company.

We continue working side by side, always with a clear premise: quality, permanent stock and growth. And we continue traveling to other provinces i Argentina as well as to various countries in America and around the world… and we kept working, growing, and that is how we have spent 27 years together.

Now my friend says goodbye. He will not be out of the business completely; he will just leave some of his company responsibilities aside to take a well-deserved rest. However, we will always be together thanks to that beautiful gift that life gave us, which is our eternal friendship that makes us call each other: BROTHERS. ”

Having more than 50 years of experience, a top personality retires from our company. The entire ISI family thanks you, Juanjo, for the shared moments, your dedication, and the solid values that you have set and fostered so far.

We wish you reaped all the happiness that you knew how to sow together with your family, grandchildren and great friends. Thanks Juanjo!

P.S.: We left some priceless treasures of his lifetime’s work. We hope he likes those pictures.