ISI Oilfield Chemicals at Vaca Muerta Insights

ISI Oilfield Chemicals participated in Vaca Muerta Insights. Industry leaders discussed the challenges and opportunities for Argentina's future energy sector.
ISI Oilfield Chemicals en Vaca Muerta Insights

Last Wednesday, at the Casino Magic in Neuquén, an event of great significance for the energy industry took place: Vaca Muerta Insights 2024.

Gabriel Giménez and Heraldo Oyarzún, part of ISI’s commercial team at the operational base in Neuquén, attended such event, which brought together key players in the Oil & Gas sector.

Some of the relevant participants were Neuquén and Río Negro’s governors, Rolando Figueroa and Alberto Weretilnek, who shared their perspectives on the role of Vaca Muerta in the regional energy landscape. Additionally, CEOs of key companies such as YPF, TotalEnergies, PAE, Pampa Energía, Tecpetrol, and Shell, among others, offered their analysis and projections for the future of the sector.

“It was a very enriching event. The CEOs of the country’s main operators agree that there are years of hard work ahead, provided that the macroeconomic conditions are favorable. Everyone was optimistic that the macro scenario will be very good for the industry,” commented Gabriel Giménez.

Which were the key topics at Vaca Muerta Insights?

One of the central points of discussion was the need to improve road and transportation infrastructure to support the development of Vaca Muerta. Participants agreed on the importance of investing in industrial parks and addressing bottleneck issue in transportation infrastructure to ensure sustainable growth of the industry. Additionally, it was emphasized the need for close collaboration between the public and private sectors to monetize Vaca Muerta within a specified timeframe.

Heraldo Oyarzún added: “Vaca Muerta Insights provided a comprehensive view of the future of the energy sector and the strategic importance of that region.”

In fact, YPF announced ambitious plans for energy export, such as the construction of a marine terminal in Río Negro. Such initiatives demonstrate the growth and expansion potential of the sector in the region. “An important aspect was the discussion with Horacio Marín (CEO of YPF), who explained the challenges they face to maximize the potential of Vaca Muerta and expand the LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) business,” highlighted Heraldo Oyarzún

Regarding future projections, it was highlighted the ambition to triple oil production and double gas production by 2028. That would make the Neuquén region an important energy hub at both national and international levels.

ISI Oilfield Chemicals’ participation in Vaca Muerta Insights reflects our commitment to the advancement and prosperity of the Argentine energy industry. We are eager to continue contributing to the development and innovation of this important sector.