ISI’s solidarity: we do our part to stop the virus

Due to alcohol gel high demand and scarcity, we have decided to do our part and collaborate with the community to stop COVID -19 virus spread.
ISI solidario: colaboramos para detener el virus

In order to help to stop COVID-19 spread, we have decided not only to minimize the circulation and exposure of our staff and partners through teleworking and job rotation methodologies, but also to collaborate with our community by donating antibacterial gel.

The growing demand and scarcity of such gel that is of vital importance for proper hand hygiene has encouraged us to play our role and collaborate with Florencio Varela Town Hall, Civil Defense and other institutions by manufacturing and distributing alcohol gel not only there but also in Luján city so that it can be used in the local Town Hall Hospital and other establishments.

All in all, we have already delivered 500 liters of alcohol gel that will be given to people who work or are involved in health, safety and other sectors of vital importance for population’s care and well-being.

We are sure that we can do it, so we invite everyone to encourage everyone in commitment and responsibility to put an end to COVID-19 pandemic together.